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The Sport of Boxing – By Daniel Doiron



The sport of boxing has been instrumental in facilitating the highest degree of competence in an individual. It establishes the premises of better self control and allows the boxer to see his/her opponent as an equal when he or she enters the ring. The game plan is an unknown quantity and must be respected by the boxer, trainer and fan alike.

Boxing requires excellent conditioning, determination alone can only benefit but a few as a trained boxer has learned the rules of fair play with the knowledge to deliver both the accurate and telling blows with a unique sense of timing. That footwork that takes the boxer around the ring in such tireless fashion would discourage almost anyone, but another boxer, known as the opponent.

Boxing will take a boy or girl and develop them into a man or woman with calmness and it will dictate the aspect the respect. The respect of all others, the law and most important it will ensure that self respect is the foundation of their cause for without this factor a boxer’s armor would surely remain fragile. A boxer comes to realize that victory is only part of the game.

First: There is a price that requires a 100% commitment on a continuous basis, half time will not be good enough. Although, you may learn the basics, this way won’t help the boxer to know the ropes well enough.

When a boxer enters the ring he or she will embark on a trip that no amount of alcohol or barbiturate can ever equal. He or she will float and punch as though they are extensions of our selves under the flood lights. They will focus on what their corner has told them before each round. We will cheer for them as though they were actually our son or
daughter and they will do their best in return.

“Every living being was born to accomplish a certain purpose, and it is the knowing of the purpose that enables every soul to fulfill it” – Muhammad Ali


A boxer will learn from every missed punch. They will go down those stairs, win or lose to a waiting crowd who has seen a sparkling individual carry him or herself through the ropes with pride. Then, there will be a pause that seems like an eternity…the boxer will enter the dressing room where the bandages are removed and this bout becomes a stored memory for all times for both the boxer and everyone in attendance.

Next, the boxer will go back to the gym and train to be better still, an attempt to erase the flaws from their armor will take an undetermined period of time as each boxer learns their trade at varying stages. Remember, this is a boxer who will not lay down and just quit, rather, their love for the game will enable them to reach new heights.

No boxer stands alone. There are the trainers, their family and friends, the fans and the media to whom all legends are inspired.

In every instance, each boxer will make the journey more memorable and these exemplary athletes whose vision is filled with great excitement of the moment, their moment in the squared circle where so many have demonstrated confidence, skill, determination, conditioning, speed and power. These special individuals who have mastered the elements and conquered the reality to which we have become part of…

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