CNBA Recognized by Association of Boxing Commissions and the Federal Trade Commission



The Canadian National Boxing Authority is proud to be recognized by the Association of Boxing Commissions and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and being in compliance with the Muhammad Ali Act.

The CNBA is dedicated to the Sport of Champions, and its continued obligation includes maintaining the fairest rankings possible; sanctioning title fights that meet the standards set by the organization, in conjunction with boxing commissions within Canada, in North America and worldwide that adhere to the ABC and uniformed rules of boxing with emphasis on ensuring fairness, standard rules, safety and ethical standards.

We want to extend our appreciation to Mr. Michael Mazzulli, Director of the Association of Boxing Commissions of the Mohegan Tribe, Department of Athletic Regulation Athletic Unit in Uncasville, CT., for all his support and guidance. Additionally, we want to thank all boxing commissions that govern the sweet science with such dedication, to ensure boxer safety first and foremost.

Jerry Doiron-Gould Jr., was the founder of the National Boxing Authority, the forerunner of the Canadian National Boxing Authority. As a former boxer, trainer, manager, promoter and past President of the Canadian Professional Boxing Federation and Chairman of the Moncton Boxing Commission he committed most of his life to the sweet science to empower boxers and to ensure regulations were in place and respected. His driving desire was to ensure the well-being of boxers was not compromised and that all boxers be ranked as fairly as humanly possible. The Canadian National Boxing Authority continues moving forward with this vision to ensure all applicable rules are in place, and work cohesively with all commissions, recognize titles from other organizations and celebrate the unification of titles in every region whenever possible. Boxers have earned this right through their tireless sacrifices in their pursuit of excellence!

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